Balance your life

The body achieves what the mind believes

One step at a time. We will work together to change your habits. I will help you make small changes that have a considerable impact on your life from your energy level to the way you speak to yourself to your stress level & relationships. I work with you through a process that develops a healthy mindset and healthy habits resulting in positive & lasting behaviour change.

Because it matters how you live, how you think, how you feel in the change of your physical health & your life I take a holistic approach to support and encourage you until you accomplish the goals set for your health and well-being.


As a Holistic practitioner, I believe in the Ancient idea, that healing is most effective when you consider the whole person, rather than focusing on specific illnesses, body parts or symptoms. Looking at how food, stress, and all lifestyle choices affect the body and how the mind makes our body work.

With pills, modern medicine removes the symptoms of the disease, not focusing on the root of the issue. It can work against your body, while it trying to heal itself. You can stop your suffering from poor health by changing your lifestyle.

Private one on one coaching

1 hour Session


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5 sessions


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Stressed, Mild Depression, or Anxiety Support

Fight chronic disease with Heros Journey

Are you suffering from high blood pressure, heart failure, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, or other chronic conditions? With no “cure” in sight, they usually last a lifetime. In a Hero’s Journey, we continuously work together creating healthy habits. We will be building a foundation for you to work from, so you can take charge and manage the disease instead of letting it rule you.

clients rate:

Love & Praise

“Omie never gave up on me. I’ve cancelled on Omie so many times and would use my depression as an excuse. I would feel guilty and deem myself uncoachable, but over time Omie helped me realize that I was never cancelling on him but on myself. He’s helped me to discover a better me. I’ve found my purpose. I’m three months away from becoming a certified health coach and I feel excited to pay it forward.”
Nisha Ramlochan
Toronto, Canada
“I first heard about Omie from my niece who was following him on his Instagram account. My husband and I felt our health was declining and we were seeking to make big changes, but we just didn’t know how to make them. I saw Omie’s energy through everything he was sharing online, and I thought to myself ‘I want that. I want to feel like that. I want to be at that place.’ Omie has this beautiful way of expressing himself. His energy is so refreshing to be around and he would leave us feeling so inspired. He introduced us to a healthier lifestyle by suggesting a few simple changes to our diet and habitual tendencies me and my husband would have.”
Evelyn McChern
Toronto, Canada
“Before I met Omie I was living with excruciating abdominal pain. I remember wanting to punch him when he told me that the pain was my friend and was just trying to tell me something about myself. We would cook together over video chats, and he was such a great influence I eventually turned my kitchen into a gut healing machine. Thanks to Omie I’m happy to say that the pain I had is now a long lost friend.”
Tim Neto
Montreal, Canada

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Get familiar with your poop. Colour, shape & frequency can be indicators of the illness

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