How to Do Yoga Daily | Yoga as a Habit

5 easy steps to incorporate Yoga into your daily life. Building a habit.

1. Create a yogic atmosphere

Treat daily yoga practice as a ritual. It’s YOUR time, so you want to enjoy this experience, and get the most from it.

If you practice in the morning:

  • Open the curtains – let the light in
  • Open the windows – get this morning oxygen!
  • Face towards the sun if possible
  • Put a little smile on your face and keep it through your practice
  • Use some energising essential oil on your wrist: orange, lemon, clove
  • You can use a mandala inspired satin meditation blanket for your “intention setting meditation”

If you practice in the evening:

  • Light the candle
  • Put the music on the background
  • Use dim light, like lanterns or salt lamp
  • Hang dreamcatchers, sea glass or seashells
  • Put around seashells, crystals, rocks
  • Burn incense or use an essential oil diffuser

2. Make a commitment for 30 days & practice at the same time of the day

30 days is just enough to get into a habit.

  • To get used to this daily routine, you can start with daily 5-10 minutes quiet intention setting for the day or meditation.
  • Practising at the same time of the day establishes a habit for your body and mind, and then you start adding yoga 2-3 times a week.
  • The next steps would be increasing your weekly practice days as you start feeling confident, that you won’t give up.

3. Set an intention for your yoga practice

Before you start your practice, dedicate a few minutes to sit in silence.

Keeping your eyes closed, bring your awareness into the present moment and focus on your breath. It’s important to have an intention for your practice, it can be anything like – I want to be more aware throughout my day, I want to become more patient/focused/accepting, I want to let go of something and so on.

Look at yoga as if its a tool, which helps you to become your better self – mentally, physically and spiritually, rather than an exercise to lose weight.

4. Find a quiet place

Find a space where you won’t be disturbed. Switch off your phone.

If you have a family it might be hard to be on your own throughout the entire day, then have your 5-10 minutes of “setting intentions” time, think of it as a short meditation, where you have your own time, and the practice itself can be with your kids around.

If you do your practice in the morning it’s a lot easier to find a quiet place.

5. Persistence and patience is what yoga teaches us

Persistence is the key.

It is like brushing your teeth – there should no excuse. There is always time for yoga, it’s just a matter of priority. Make it the highest priority – because if you do something for yourself daily, all of your family members and friends will benefit too.

Even 15-20 minutes in the morning is already enough if you do it daily. In 20 minutes you can stretch your main joints and muscles, and do a few Surya Namaskar sequences.

Main takeaways:

  • No matter what – just do it(even if it’s 20 minutes)
  • Start with morning yoga – yes, you are stiff, but the results come quicker, the stomach is empty, and you are done for the day


Daily short practice will help you to focus, connect to your body and let go.