How to Activate the Pineal Gland(third eye) – Unlocking a Greater Part of Yourself

When I first came across information about the pineal gland, I thought it was something like the appendix, some kind of unknown part of the body that isn’t really important to function on a daily basis. I didn’t think I was capable of accessing something that had been dormant in my brain for most of my life. I didn’t understand my true worth, and I didn’t have the will to take the steps needed for that kind of upgrade. 

At that time I was too self-absorbed in the suffering of my own life’s story. I was overwhelmed with anxiety, digestive issues, poor sleep, broken relationships, constant miscommunications, depression, and just trying to meet society’s expectations of me. These were all barriers I placed between me and activating the pineal gland. It never occurred to me that there was really nothing in the way other than myself.

Once I got out of my own way, I discovered that this dark time of mine was all part of the process of activating my pineal gland. I took the steps required to decalcify the pineal gland and soon felt like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon. I started to lucid dream and would experience something so vivid, it felt like I woke up to another life as I closed my eyes to this one. My anxiety, depression, any unstable emotions that would usually move through me no longer did. I became very calm and peaceful and was constantly filled with love, joy, and compassion. It was very frightening for me at first as I started to experience incredible synchronicities, and it was so many that it was hard for me to think it was all just a coincidence. I felt like I had another presence with me, something speaking to me in all sorts of ways and guiding me towards living a life of sovereignty. I can’t say that I have fully decalcified my pineal gland. I think for me to do that I’d need to explore breatharianism and meditate for all hours of the day up in the mountains or under a tree. Even though there are many of us who aren’t feeling called to do something like that, there are ways to get the wheels in motion instead of sitting in park your whole life. 

What Is The Pineal Gland

There are seven main glands in the body- the reproductive glands, the adrenal glands, the pancreas, the thymus, the thyroid, the pituitary gland, and the pineal gland. The Pineal is a gland located in the centre of the brain. 

“The pineal gland produces DMT, a natural hallucinogenic similar to LSD but more natural. third eyeAlthough the pineal gland produces DMT it isn’t necessarily hallucinations that you experience but a heightened sense of perspective. With this heightened perspective you begin to recognize the matrix, you begin to feel the disconnection from nature, you understand the enslavement many are experiencing in today’s world, and you start to come back to your true nature – a fully present sovereign being of love and compassion who is here to be of service to the world.”

Many ancient civilizations knew the pineal gland to be the seat of the soul and the source of intuition. It has been associated with people who are clairvoyant, those who can see things before they happen. There was a time when scientists thought that the pineal gland didn’t serve much of a purpose. Now being in a time of information, we have come to discover that it does so much for the body on more than just a physical level. It resembles a pine cone, but when the gland is cut open you can see rods and cones similar to the retina of our eyes. In ancient cultures, they referred to the pineal gland as the inner eye or the third eye. I like to call it the first eye. After gathering more information about the pineal gland I came to discover ways that helped me activate it, and below are certain things that I explored on my journey to help me decalcify my pineal gland. I’m sharing this information because I feel that we all have the right to once again tap into our power. Being free is our birthright and the key to unlocking the chains sits at the seat of your soul. 

Raw Food Diet

Now I’ll admit that this wasn’t easy for me. In all honesty, I’m only eighty percent raw, and if I’m in colder climates I usually go to fifty percent cooked and fifty percent raw. However, during times when I’m on a fully raw plant-based diet is when I start to notice something special happening within me. This is hard to do, but letting go of meat and eating more natural foods is what helps activate the Pineal Gland. Eating superfoods and super herbs like green algae, blue-green algae, and parsley have the enzymes we need to decalcify the pineal gland. Many of the foods we eat like cheese, milk, and meat are mucus-forming, they are acidic in property. raw breakfastTo decalcify the pineal gland it is required to eat a more alkaline based diet. It was hard for me to let go of foods I loved, but when I became aware of other foods that would love me back it made it easier to go in that direction. The change in diet became easier and easier the more I started to notice my vibration increase immediately. If you are wanting to fly then you have to consider ways that you can be lighter. 

Avoid Flouride

Many of us fail to see that the water coming into our homes is full of fluoride (USA, Canada, UK and Spain from what is known). Fluoride is well known to disrupt the endocrine system and calcify the pineal gland. The fluoride I’m talking about is sodium fluoride. Sodium fluoride is a poisonous neurotoxin that is very harmful to the body. Sodium fluoride is full of metals such as arsenic, lead, and aluminium. 

The other kind of fluoride is calcium fluoride, it is a natural mineral found in soil and spring water. To activate your pineal gland it is important to be drinking alkaline water, drinking water from a purification system, drinking clean well water or spring water. I like to have lemon infused water as lemons provide an alkaline state to the body. 

Fluoride is also found in toothpaste. Some of the popular toothpaste brands out there have warnings written in small print – ‘call poison control if ingested’ or ‘do not give to children under six’ this is because of the toxicity of the sodium fluoride in the toothpaste. 

Changing to a fluoride-free toothpaste did wonders for me, and surprisingly I started to notice my teeth actually getting whiter since I started using fluoride-free toothpaste. My teeth and gums became very healthy. 

Sodium Fluoride hardens the enamel and prevents your mouth from being remineralized.

Similar to consuming animal products, fluoride hardens the interior walls of the pineal gland. Break down the walls and stop consuming fluoride and you will begin to see that the pineal gland is the inner portal which gives us access into other dimensions. Do yourself a favour and say no to fluoride.

Take Iodine Supplements

Iodine is a natural mineral found in seaweed. I’m always recommending spirulina to everyone. It is the oldest food in the world. The very first thing created that acted as food to bacteria. There is so much knowledge and wisdom within the DNA of spirulina that consuming it upgrades the DNA strands within your body.

Many of us who have done harm to our pineal gland, by consuming fluoride, can benefit from taking iodine as it effectively removes the fluoride through your urine. It’s important to know that taking iodine that is naturally found in seaweed not only helps support the proper functioning of the pineal gland but also promotes healthy blood cells, enhance cognition, and increase vitality.

Speak Your Truth

It is important to know that all the glands in the body are interconnected. When one gland experiences a disruption, it affects all the others. A common gland that tends to have issues is the thyroid which correlates to voice and speech. 

In today’s society, we have become so obsessed with painting a perfect picture of our lives and sharing it to thousands of strangers. Majority of people today don’t use their true colours when painting that picture. Many generations were taught to hide emotions and that expressing our true feelings is a sign of weakness, this can predominantly be seen in males. It’s no wonder why there’s an increase of depression in young males in today’s society, depression is the opposite of expression. 

Females are also struggling with issues surrounding truth as well. Societies false impression of what a female should or should not be has further caused stress and anxiety for women. We generally struggle to live up to the expectations of everyone but ourselves which only moves us further away from our own true nature. The truth is we all have masculine and feminine qualities, and if this isn’t embraced then we sell ourselves short of fully functioning as a being that is whole. In further knowing ourselves and speaking our truth we are able to bring balance and a sense of trust within ourselves, creating harmony and a sense of flow further activating the pineal gland.

Embrace The Dark

One of the functions of the pineal gland is to produce melatonin, this controls the sleep and wake cycles of the body. Darkness is a beautiful thing. Without darkness, there is no space for light.

The whole universe is filled with dark matter, and when we embrace the darkness just as we embrace the light we become whole. 

Being in a dark place helps you produce melatonin which further activates the pineal gland. All the lightbulbs around us hinder our ability to follow our natural biorhythms. We really should be going to sleep as the sun goes down, but this is very hard to do as we live in a society of instant gratification, an environment that never sleeps with everything to offer you twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. Replacing fluorescent lighting with candle lighting is the best way to further activate the pineal gland. 

In today’s era, we have become accustomed to screens, we have become so attached to our electronic devices that they are no longer an extension of us but part of us. This is why so many people feel anxiety when they are not with their phones. They feel as if something is missing within them. Blue light emitted by smartphones and laptops accelerate blindness by making molecules in our eyes toxic. If you are having trouble seeing through both eyes you won’t come close to seeing through the third one. 

We have to look at our relationship with technology. Our electronic devices produce EL Frequency (extra-low frequency) and radiation which prevents the pineal gland from producing melatonin. In essence, this puts us in a deep slumber during times when we are awake and keeps us up during times when we need rest.


sungazingThe sun radiates such powerful energy, it makes it possible for all life to exist on earth, yet many of us feel the need to block out this energy. So many of us wear sunglasses all the time preventing the sunlight from entering the eyes. Sunlight actually stimulates the pineal gland. The sun can be intense at times and that is why the best time to sun gaze is in the morning when the sun is rising or at night when it is setting. When your body receives a good portion of sunlight, it creates the hormone Vitamin D so you can receive the many benefits it does for your body.


When we move and allow energy to flow through our body we begin to activate the pineal gland. Yoga helps prevent the energy centres of our bodies, the meridians, from being blocked. The flow of energy must reach the pineal gland for it to fully function. A common analogy used to explain this is the cups of water. yoga tree poseEach gland in the body represent a cup of water and as water moves through one cup to the other it creates harmony and a sense of flow within the body. Once you spill the water from one cup the other cups have to compensate. The same goes for when you drop a stone in one cup it can disrupt the flow of water moving from one cup to another. In a sense, yoga removes the stones and evenly fills your cups with pure water. Although yoga can help with flexibility it also helps you with your mind-body awareness. It is this sense of awareness that can start to activate your pineal gland.  

It is no surprise that activating the pineal gland is a continuous process because many ancient civilizations understood the pineal gland to be the realm of the infinite. Once we become aware that we are made of the same material as the universe then we begin to activate the pineal gland.

The power lies within us, we are what we seek.

When we stop externalizing our power we begin the decalcification process. There is no greater power outside of yourself, but we must turn inward in order to tap into that power. All life is magic and so many of us struggle just to get through the day because we have been programmed to think that magic does not exist.

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