1 day with a teenage jungle boy

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.” – George Bernard Shaw

– Do you like to climb the trees? – he asked me.

No one has asked me this for 20 years. I actually do like it.

This day with a 13-year-old blond Mowgli, was one of the best days in many years. The sense of freedom was something else, its next level.

During the silent meditation, I was trying to understand what was so different about this day. I went to the same river with an adult 3 days before, we swam, had interesting conversations and laughs. We have talked about life, past experiences, failures and desires, worries and hopes, we also laughed and swam in the river. However, on that day I knew that I am a grown up. Adults already have a role they are playing, they already became serious dads, or mums, aunties, or colleagues.

In my entire life I have never wanted to go back in time, I was enjoying every stage of my life, as I do now as well, but at that particular moment with Kailai, I thought for the first time ever, that I want to be to 13 right now.

He showed me the deepest parts of the river, and we did synchronised jumps, we were diving and swimming like all sorts of animals, we found a secret fruit garden, picked coconuts and green bananas.

When do we lose our inner child?

We are born pure, we are real. As we grow, we get all the layers of opinions, suggestions, society, parents, teachers, neighbours and so on. We slowly lock the child in the closet from the outside world and become someone else, to meet expectations of the society. Then it’s too late, we end up in a system, and the hamster begins the run.

As we walked deeper into the forest, I felt free from everything, all the layers from the past were behind me. I was looking at the monkeys and the racoons, surrounded by the beautiful sounds of nature. We were in the jungle, he showed me his secret places – the rock he jumped from, the shallow part, the beautiful green part. We walked barefoot, jumped into the river, slid down on the tiny waterfall, pretending we are surfing and got stuck in the stones, I ripped my flipflop, and he gave me his, this little gentleman.

Spending a day with a teenager is such a joy. Teenagers are like little adults, you can have interesting conversations, but at the same time do silly things together.

We were sitting on the stones with our lips blue of the cold water, laughing and sharing a pretzel, skipping the stones on the water.

Spending time with people from different generations brings balance to my views, beliefs and feelings. I learn wisdom and patience from my grandma, I learn to play and be fearless from my 5-year-old cousin.

I have nothing else to say about this day. But it made my meditation one of the best ones on that day.

And we did climb the tree.