3-day Juice Cleanse Benefits and Why You Should do it Too

First things first – Why Cleanse?

When juice fasting, your body is still getting the calories and nutrients it needs to function properly while at the same time removing excess waste and cleansing your insides. It’s one of the better ways to cleanse because the body takes a break from the digestion process, so the juice will pass right through your system and clean it out entirely within a few days. Juicing also allows for different combinations of healthy foods that will fortify your body with a boost of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. You’ll consume more fruits and vegetables than you probably normally do, and your body will love you for it.

Why you need to do a juice cleanse a few times a year

What was reassuring for me from doing this 3-day juice cleanse is that the juice itself wasn’t really doing the cleansing. It was certainly helping, but it was really my body that was doing the cleansing. Every night the body goes through a detoxification mode having to deal with all the environmental stress it’s exposed to, and it can be a lot for you to handle. We live in polluted air, chlorinated and fluoridated water, preservatives and other unnatural chemicals are sprayed on food, constant electromagnetic poisoning, heavy metal poisoning, even stress from home and work can result in a build-up of toxicity that’s too much for the body to eliminate. Combine that with the body constantly having to digest food it really has no time to do what it does best, detox and regenerate. Fasting from solid foods and having nutrient-dense juice while giving myself care and rest over a span of three days would give my body the kind of reset I really felt it needed.

Here’s what could happen

First off, a three day juice cleanse is not a harmful thing to do, and if you’re generally a healthy person you might not notice dramatic changes either. Sometimes,

during the detoxification process, you experience a rollercoaster of highs and lows, physically and mentally, especially if the body’s systems were very toxic to start with

Usually this is a great sign and your body’s way of informing you that it is going to work. The fasting causes a rapid breakdown of fat cells. Toxins and bacteria trapped in the fat cells are then released into the bloodstream. As they are released, symptoms can be experienced in different forms. Here are a few of my experiences of doing this juice cleanse and other juice cleanses just like it. 

Joint and muscle pain, diarrhea, extreme fatigue, restlessness, cramps, headaches, insomnia, nausea, frequent urination, drop in blood pressure, skin breakouts, cold or flu-like symptoms, strong emotions like anger, despair, sadness, fear, anxiety, mood swings, and suppressed memories may arise. I know what you’re thinking “why would you possibly put yourself through that and deprive yourself of food?” I guess the whole process is a way of shining a spotlight on your entire being, giving you a great perspective to better know yourself.

Best way to do the juice cleanse

In my humble opinion, the best way to do a juice cleanse is to have the juice readily available to drink within fifteen minutes of being juiced. This way you truly get the abundance of nutrients juicing has to offer. But I did a cleanse where I had the convenience of having everything prepared for me cold pressed from organic produce, so I felt like this was the next best thing. I intended to speak about how I went about this cleanse and to share the changes I experienced physically but I’m in a much different place than I anticipated. The ‘In Harmony’ juice cleanse is specifically designed to give your body a physical reset, and based on past experience of juice cleansing I couldn’t help but expect something big to happen for me in a physical way. This cleanse gave me a reset but I can’t say for certain it was a physical one.

Dedicate specific time of the year to your body(every year)

This time of year, during the summer and around my birthday, is when I usually dedicate time and resources towards a serious upgrade of my health and wellbeing. In the last two weeks leading up to my ‘In Harmony’ juice cleanse I started a fully raw plant-based diet eating only two meals a day, took part in a sweat lodge where I endured some of the hottest temperatures I’ve ever experienced, and dove deep with Mother Nature being in sacred plant ceremonies. I embraced all of it right up until the first day of the ‘in harmony’ cleanse. It was that day when I really thought the “Oh shit, this actually kind of sucks” thought. That thought of resistance that consumes you until you are so weak you have to cave.

My 3-day juice cleanse diary

The juice cleanse DAY 1

When I last did a juice cleanse it was in Costa Rica with the beautiful community of Pachamama. There I had so much support. People around me working towards the same thing, surrounded by health professionals, the powerful fruit noni offered to me in many forms, daily superfood enemas. I mean I could have survived five days just off the air of Pachamama, that’s how much support I felt. But here I was on my own. I had to turn to me for support, I had to fight all the distractions and temptations, I had to hold myself accountable and follow-through, taking it one day at a time. I was presented with something rather challenging and I recognized a habit of looking for the easy route. Catching myself from being the victim and reminding myself that I’m actually doing something good for me and this suffering is my own making. 

The suffering was not just hunger. It was deeper than the hunger for food. It was a hunger for what the food does for me. I’m not talking about nourishment. I was well-nourished to keep me going. I consumed pounds and pounds of fruits and vegetables, easily digestible for my body in a short period of time. I was very fortunate the weather was beautiful and I had the support of the sun and Mother Nature. The juice was delicious and every time I had a sip I felt hope. Going without food and just juice for three days is easily doable, but I had to move through the first day of the cleanse to understand that and embrace it. 

I thought about food during breakfast, lunch and dinner. During the times when my body was used to eating food was when the thought of food occurred to me, but moments of feeling stressed and emotionally spent was when I had the feeling of hunger. It suddenly occurred to me that I actually have an unhealthy relationship with food. And there was a moment of expansion. A moment when I thought about food as a partner. Made to work with me, nourish me, heal me. It was not made to help suppress my emotions or console me in moments of hardship. It wasn’t made for me to abuse as a stimulant and bring a sense of euphoria as if it were a drug for me. I decided that that’s not how I wanted food to be for me. That’s not how I wanted to be for food. I looked up the definition of food to really understand it’s true meaning- ‘Taken in order to maintain life and growth’. And that was day one for me. Another rebirth. The beginning of life and growth.

The juice cleanse DAY 2

The second day I woke up with lots of energy and noticed my eyes looking clear and my skin starting to glow. I didn’t feel hungry throughout the day. Not like the first day, but it was there. I can say without shame that hunger was always there. I just acknowledged it in a way by not acknowledging it, and when moments of stress would move through me so would the feeling of hunger. Every time coming back quieter and quieter. I had my food fantasies and thought about what food I would just jump in to after the cleanse, and I knew how silly those thoughts were. That doing that would just ruin all the work I’ve done. I knew the work began after the cleanse, but like the masochist I sometimes can be, I allowed my mind to bring in all sorts of thoughts and temptations. It was like my mind was some sort of serpent telling me all sorts of things to give in to. Mediation helped me on day two. It helped quiet the serpent. 

The juice cleanse DAY 3

I woke up on day three like a rocket out of bed. I was so excited to do the morning cleanse protocol. I was beaming with a smile from one juice to the next. I couldn’t believe how fast the time had gone. My eyes looking clearer than before and my skin glowing brighter. Is my nervous system functioning properly? Have I balanced my hormones? Is this the physical reset the ‘In Harmony’ cleanse does for me? I was questioning the cleanse because I was comparing it to a time when I did a juice cleanse and felt super amazing. This cleanse made me feel really good but I wanted to feel the super amazing feeling I once felt physically. However, I was going into that cleanse with many toxins to flush out and I was a rookie cleanser. And before that, I didn’t have the two weeks I had prior to doing the ‘In Harmony’ cleanse. So I didn’t get the physical reset I was expecting, I got something better. I got a spiritual reset.

3-Day Juice Cleanse conclusion

Perhaps the cleanse was just one aspect of the entire two weeks, but it was connecting to the juice that brought it all together. It was like I had an IV hooked up to my veins, Mother Nature was on the other side, and the juice was running through the lines. Just like the sacred medicinal plants of the amazon all plants are psychoactive. Every single one has the ability to heal and offer wisdom. This cleanse doesn’t do just one thing for any person, it does so many things on so many levels and it will do whatever you need it to do for you. I went into the ‘In Harmony’ cleanse expecting my body to function in a harmonious way. I forgot that it wasn’t just my physical body that would be receiving the benefits from the cleanse. If there is one thing I can say about this cleanse is that it’s a true connection to Mother Nature, calling it ‘In Harmony’ is quite fitting.